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Grandson of Dawood khan(walid karzai )

Wana's Show ATTENTION I would like to bring a very important matter to your attention. Last year I covered a story about the famous Afghan internet "love" scammer Walid Karzai (fake name). This young man has started scamming young females again and still plays the same old game. At least "up" your game a bit! He has lost weight, has a beard now. Ladies just some advice and I know many ppl meet off the internet, it's better to be safe and meet a guy out socially then a creepy predator who will ruin your life & your bank account. Now he is claiming he is Daoud Khans grandson. For those who don't know Daoud Khan, he is from the "Shah" family and also former president of Afghanistan in the 70's. He is trying to make his image look good, as if he comes from money. He will say thing such as "my grandma kicked me out and my parents died". Please contact me if he has tried reaching out ASAP!

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