PATIENCEMR: Good Man with ethics, educated, enjoy the outdoors, and value islam..looking for same :) , Meet Afghan Singles

male, 43 y/o Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

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  • Deleted Member
    21 Sep 2014 at 11:18
    khob asten man interested in you do you have email adres of skype ke kate 1ki dega aram gap bezanem bye
  • 30 Jan 2013 at 16:11
    MashAllah, very well said. People always say 'are you an extremist or a fundamentalist or a moderan muslim'. But the truth is, there is no extremist or modern islam. Islam is islam. You are either following islam or you aren't. And there is no modern islam, islam is the same religion as it was during the time of the prophet Muhammad SAW. People try to adjust islam to fit their lifestyle, but instead need to adjust their lifestyle to fit islam. And when a person actually follow's islam now-a-days, people call them fundamentalist. Stupid again! You have to follow the fundamentals of science to be a scientist, you have the learn the fundamentals of the human body and medicine to be a doctore, and thus you have to learn the fundamentals of islam to be a true muslim. Anyhow, may Allah swt spread knowledge, peace, and the love of islam to everyone.