YL: I don't do pickup lines. , Meet Afghan Singles

male, 39 y/o Fairfax, Virginia, United States.

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  • Deleted Member
    9 Nov 2013 at 23:03
    If u want to chat please email me at mbanahi@#censored#.com
  • 21 Oct 2013 at 21:22
    My name is Farida Ibrahim, I came acrose your profile when i was searching for a life partner I was inspired to send you a massage and ask you for friendship. As you know that having a prophesy of love over somebody there most be odds around the corner, but no matter the odds, love survive all odds. I am a girl who's love story is intresting. I am responsible, romantic and courageous. I belive, with good mind you have to admit my request Please recontact me with my e-mail address at .... ( farida.ib21@live.com ) so I can send my picture and tell you more about myself.Yours Love
    Miss Farida Ibrahim
  • 14 Apr 2013 at 14:14